Private Communities .

So I think with the recent brigading that is happening it might be a good idea to create a way to create a community lock with a password so that only people with the code and mods can come in ? Just an Idea I had eating FruitsLoops so do not take this as a priority .


the issue is, that would stop growth. We need to find a solution that allows members to join at will, but which delays or counters trolls. Most trolls want a quick laugh, so IMO a post delay might be a good option.


Yea just like reddit but even then , some of them got a lot of time and well most of them are dumb for example the hitler and hitler again guy made a commentory and said like when he was young in germany (wich mean he does not knows alot about history) the jews tatati tatata , you know what they say . So they are dumb and got to much time and rather then becoming smart they look at funny right meme about how communism does not work .

Edit also they are removed : they take our name and change to fuck with us like Farmer_ Cuck , Faggot_Hick , Mad_Blackoon


This whole ordeal has just been annoying and a little funny. Not a single thing they’ve done matters, and they’ll never be able to make any significant changes here. So it’s just kinda a little bit of free entertainment for me.

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