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Gotta hard disagree here

Calling Trump a fascist is childish he’s ovviously not.

The failed coup in Venezuela happened due to Trump egging on a shitty security\ private mercenary firm who got hyped up on the $15 million reward for Maduro

The result was that the entire world got to see the Yankees trying to kill Maduro and Venezuela got to shoot a bunch of mercs and imprison the rest and Maduro got to read out their passports and driving licenses on TV

Whats more Biden was VP when Obama and Biden took Bushs wars from 3 to 7

Trump is

*dismantling the American empire through incompetance

*ruining Nato alliances

*descending the US into chaos

Ironically you’ve used the communist concept of “social fascist” wrong. It being that fascism is not a phenomena that comes from nowhere but social democracy is its twin pillar

Ie. Social democrats are as bad as fascists

Ironically you pretending that Biden is the “lesser evil” could be considered “social-fascist”

In fact id argue it is given Bidens political history: from being a segregationist, bringing in the crime bill which locked up a generation of blacks, his promise to be harder on China and russia and his wars hes responsible for as VP as well as the concentration camps on the Mexico border setup under Obama\Biden

Critical support for Trump for more chaos in US and incompetance at running the empire


Obama dropped ~ 60 bombs per day on the middle east in 2016. Every one of those bombs had the label, “not fascist” written on the side of them tho.


And secondly, no biden stanning allowed here, at all. That’s an insta-ban.


Could you repost this on ! , ! isn’t for this.

The 20th Adversary

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