Any comic books, graphic novels, manga that y'all like?

For these, I have never been able to get into superhero comic books, which make a bulk of the popular ones because they feel too silly to me now. From the ones I have read, and I haven’t read too many, I really liked Sandman (Gaiman) and Hellboy (Mignola).

My favourite of all time is Transformers: More Than Meets the Eyes. It’s extremely hilarious and the characters seem very relatable.

I have not tried getting into manga too much. There’s this one that I have read about a robot destroying other robots but I forgot its name. I tried reading a horror one about spirals (it’s quite popular) but couldn’t get into it.

Well i guess it might not totally fit the theme but here any ways, i suggest the screen play aka a BD/script that was used to make Mad Max Fury Road.


If you like this you should watch the Mad Max movies they are pretty good.


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