Seriously. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the summer but these breadtube kids are popping up everywhere these last few weeks.

And they consistently have ignorant, bad takes to share. They don’t understand anything about everything but think that because they’ve watched some guy yell at his screen for a few hours they’re suddenly

They’re people who don’t want to read theory because it’s boring (I think it requires time but it’s very interesting, just needs some motivation to get started) but they will happily watch 3 hours long debates that turn into random shit halfway through.

I don’t mean to rant but I’ve just had a Destiny stan tell me “holocaust denialism on the left” for not believing the uyghur thing. Destiny despises communists and anarchists, the latter of which that person identifies as. They don’t understand what holocaust denialism even is, they don’t understand how people could come to different conclusions than them, they literally just want to feel superior because they’re pure and we’re not, somehow.

They think this will score them points with libertarians and neolibs (and maybe even fascists, as they don’t even understand fascism), by pushing under the bus the only other people who are tangentially related to them. But the libertarians don’t give a shit. They’ll line up anarchists against the wall all the same. We’re all godless commies to them, it doesn’t matter your specific brand.

When was the last time an anarchist called you a Marxist-Leninist? They just say tankie now, as if it had any useful meaning (everyone has their own definition). It’s clear that they they acquired this word through memetic usage and don’t even know what it means. In some cases, I kid you not, people will say tankie but then ask “What’s ML mean?”.

Breadtube was a mistake, cancel that whole shit and get people back in books. Or at least watching important people, not some random bloke from a big city who started a youtube channel.

^ if it’s not high-effort or serious enough for c/communism please tell me where to repost, I’m not sure where else it can fit. Maybe my own c/comradelyrants lol but it’s dead :(


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A place to rant between comrades, about anything and everything that’s bringing you down, and talk about them with other comrades.

The idea is to be a response to lib “offmychest” spaces, like swoletariat is a response to lib fitness spaces.



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