ProleWiki:MediaWiki Tutorial
The point of this page is to teach new editors how to edit on ProleWiki technically, if they're not familiar with MediaWiki. Every editor is free to add to this...

This thing is only about 50-60% complete. Thankfully ProleWiki is not that difficult to edit compared to say, Wikipedia.

This month, as an admin of ProleWiki I’ve been working on “professionalising” the encyclopedia. It’s become much more active in May, and we realised we needed something to help new editors find their way around. The goal is that they become autonomous as soon as possible and we don’t need to oversee them. This frees up time in the administration for other things. Also helps reduce easily answered questions new editors have about formatting and other formalities.

Other changes included an editor onboarding page, as well as a clarification page (all linked in the tutorial if you start following the links so I won’t link them in this post).

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