The west’s tightening of Russian sanctions is a sign of failure | Larry Elliot
The Kremlin is putting up stiffer economic resistance than the G7 anticipated

This might be the first admission in western media that the sanctions are having a blowback effect:

No doubt, Russia is feeling the impact of sanctions, but so is the west. Indeed, one reason for the over-egging of claims that the Russian economy is close to collapse is that western policymakers know their own voters are suffering from the collateral damage: dearer energy, rising food prices and falling living standards.

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I feel like you can only convince people the sanctions are working for so long until they start to wonder why their life is getting worse too. My neighbor was fully behind the sanctions last year and now whenever I talk to him he complains about everything being more expensive and how we keep sending tax dollars into the black hole of Ukraine

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Yeah exactly, sanctions used to only hurt the countries the west was trying to fuck over. Now they got themselves into a situation where there is serious blowback and people don’t like that.

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