I am really drowning in my own problems.


I feel you. I can’t even get a branch of my party started in my area, despite being surrounded by other branches, because the organizing potential is still far from ideal here in particular. I’ve been trying to just do as much as I can to bolster working class orgs here and try to bulid a base so we can get a branch of the party here soon.


I feel you comrade. I don’t know what your exact problems are but life is a living hell right now for me as well, and sometimes focusing on yourself before your party is the much more important decision.

Don’t let the anxiety and shame of not being “productive” weigh on you. Your brain will use it as fuel to make yourself feel worse, and I assure you that your fellow members would be much happier seeing you thrive and be happy, rather then burning out and suffering. One step at a time comrade.

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I’m not even in a party right now because I am also gasping for air. It’s okay. You’re only human.

What are you struggling with?

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