I’m interested in hearing your stories.

I’ve identified with the left ever since I head about Marx at school, even though the teacher was anti-communist

I spent the next decade and a half finding myself more and more left-leaning, even though I considered myself liberal (as in liberalism, for US-folk) for like a year or so (it was rough)

but I actually radicalized these last few months, since around August 2022. Bolsonaro was still on his rampage against our people and I just so happened to discover Soberana, a brazillian marxist-leninist collective.

they’re the ones who really made me understand communism and figure out that I was, in fact, ever since the aforementioned class when I was a teenager, a communist.

after that it was a no-brainer. I’m now an organized marxist-leninist.

During president Dilma impeachment Bolsonaro (a deputy at the time) dedicated his vote in favour of the speech to the general that tortured Dilma back in the days of the dictatorship.

With his elections things got worse and I saw many teacher being fired simply because of their left-leaning political views

I was asked to censor LGBT drawing from kids because of Bolsonaro supporters

Liberals and ancap were all together with Bolsonaro, even though he was clearly a fascist since he first showed up

Found and youtube channel of brazilian Marxists,Jones Manoel and also Tese onze

Also marxists are growing in the brazilian internet and they are now bothering a lot of rightoid influencers. Thanks to these people, some of my friends have also radicalized and are even organzing (!)


I just want to say I have personally radicalized at least 3 or 4 other people now in a discord group. I still have more work to do but it’s getting there. Today I had to review and link stuff to debunk the wests Tiananmen square propaganda. The other day I had to work though the NK stuff and am still picking away at that a bit but in general I have them agreeing communism is pretty rad and capitalism has no redeeming qualities. They are all actually way further than me into the deprogram podcast but theu also need it more than me.

If feels good. I know these people locally which will be the first in person comrades I’ll have ever had.

how do you radicalize people who are so anti-CPC that they attacked me for being pro-CPC

on discord

That’s awesome! Good job comrade!

Those 3 or 4 people, when sufficiently educated, will likely go on to radicalize others. 3 or 4 may not feel like that many, but it’s the seeds that will create a burgeoning garden of revolutionaries.


2013, spent the entire year unemployed. While it’s a stereotype that’s not always true about my country, in my city I do live near a jungle (and a mangrove). So I hunted and fished to eat, but somedays, I literally had to dig through the trash of the local paramedics. You see, the city gives them free meals, but the doctors throw it out because it isn’t to their liking.

I also have a coconut tree and a banana tree on my property, which also helped me get relief.

And what actually pissed me off the most, was that five minutes walk from here, near the mangrove, I knew people in an even worse situation than me. In this city, there’s many more.

I already leaned left before, but could be considered more like a typical Western-style “socialist” than anything. but that pushed me over the edge. I figured that if countries like PRC, DPRK and Cuba gave guaranteed food and housing to their peoples (my house is pretty much a shanty and it rains inside in places when it rains - and I can’t afford to repair it), in exchange for some supposed “freedom of expression,” well, my “freedom of expression” didn’t put a plate of food on my table or give me decent housing or a job. I saw no point in being able to say “oh, this government sucks” while there was mine and so much more misery all around.

So, I decided to read more into said nations and, eventually, Marxism. A former boss had given me a Communist Manifesto book that I never had read, so I began with it. And that’s that.

Bear in mind, my country was ran by the PT at the time, even though it was during the beginning of the orchestrated uprisings against president Dilma Rousseff, it was still more stable than it is now. I believe if I had to go through the same experience now, I’d be royally fucked.

(Edit: Typo)

KiG V2

Yeah, I’ve dug through trash inside fast food restaurants for a bite. You wouldn’t believe how much shit Americans throw away, it’s disgusting really. People will take one bite out of a whole meal and chuck it, and think nothing of it, but people will be so shocked to hear I dumpster dive they think I’m joking to cope with it.

Also lol, “boss gave me Communist Manifesto” is not something you read everyday!


In a way, the climate of some spots in the US keeps what they throw out better for a bit. In a tropical country, dumpster-diving is dangerous because it has to be literally fresh, otherwise it’ll be more often than not rotting. Mad respect to you, since I have heard they usually throw chlorine over the garbage in restaurants up there so homeless won’t ‘steal’ the garbage.

To this day I wonder why he did it. He wasn’t particularly left-leaning as far as I remembered. And the book was new, so it wasn’t something he passed on to someone. I do remember that he loathed the place we worked at (well, so did I). It was a pet shop store filiated to WalMart named Cobasi.

Lil Kitai

In chronological order:

-Was (unfortunately) a Trump supporter in 2016-18


-Rise in anti-Asian racism in 2020

-Discovered r/AsianMasculinity, left because it was too shitlib and sinophobic


-r/Sino & r/GenZeDong --> Marxism-Leninism

-Left Aznidentity because it’s too shitlib and reactionary.

As of now, both the class struggle and the struggle of racialized (colonized) people are equally important in my book.


Kind of my story, except for the Trump supporter bit. Only difference was I disliked Hillary more.

I also feel like there are some in aznidentity that could be radicalized, the sub is pretty anti colonialism.

Lil Kitai

Yea, they are pretty anti-colonial and anti-Western propaganda. You can find the occasional based people there. But as their polls have shown, they are mostly from the US, and they seem to still believe in electoral politics judging from how much they fucking simp for Andrew Yang. The moment I threw my hands up at this sub was when I saw a poll that showed a good chunk of the sub unironically believe WOKENESS is a thing… Also, I had enough of their anti-black sentiments, it goes against the solidarity we try to strive for as Marxist-Leninists.

The Kaffe
  • black in America
  • wage worker for national corp, university, and “small family business”, so seen all types of companies internally
  • brother in prison (3x), prison industrial complex, modern slavery, prison system destroying families
  • grew up in and around the military, seen American jingoism at its worst
  • being afraid of going to the doctor bc my family couldn’t afford it
  • HS teacher showed us a documentary about how ISIS was formed due to US invasions
  • sneaking suspicion that we were being lied to about DPRK. What if North Koreans were getting the truth, and it was everyone outside that lived in lies? Why do we treat the DPRK poorly for having a “king” when Britain and Saudi Arabia have kings?
  • climate change, and how Capitalism will not fix it
  • learning about car culture and suburbia and how much energy is wasted in American development, on purpose
  • edit: forgot the massive debt for schooling lol

I was watching “socialist” and anarchist youtube videos, city planning yt, breadtube, etc. Seen a lot of stuff saying MLs are bad, China bad, USSR bad, Fidel bad, etc. I listened to Red Menace podcast about State and Revolution and Imperialism, and yeah Lenin basically put into theory the things I’ve felt my whole life, really felt like I was understood and realized that Black people in America need a national Liberation struggle to gain our equality.

In a lot of ways, talking to people who had grown up under socialism and who then had to deal with the aftermath of the Soviet collapse. Also the Donbas conflict.

My pipeline was first reading Das Kapital out of curiosity, then just life experiences and reddit, notably the late stage capitalism sub, then r/FULLCOMMUNISM, Michael Parenti, etc …

Ironic memes mixed with the harsh reality of life.

Chronic illness runs in my family. Medical bills nearly bankrupted it on multiple occasions. The coupling of health insurance to employment – whether directly from an employer, or from “the marketplace” – has kept members of my family – and myself now as a type two diabetic – in a state of serfdom. The form has changed, but the relation is the same. Basically, experience has taught me that profit is both deeply corrosive and completely inextricable from capitalism. No system that relies upon such a thing is worth keeping. It must be dismantled.


I’m really sorry to hear that, friend. Are you from the US by any chance? Even before being radicalized I thought the US private healthcare system is absurd and barbaric.

Are you from the US by any chance?

Yep. Deep in the Heart of Texas.

You have my deepest condolences, partner. I was born in Texas, but far west; and was lucky enough to leave shortly after graduation-- you couldn’t pay me to move back.

That whole “Unite the Right” shit that happened in Charlottesville back in '17. Really opened my eyes as to how many neo-nazi shitbags there really are.

Was a pretty idiotic shit until I actually talked to leftists and broke away from the mormon church. Seeing the different responses between USA and China when it comes to covid was also a big one. It also exposed the amount that the USA hated china and peddled racist nonsense, and I wanted no part in that.

Then I just read theory.

Like literally just read the books its that easy.

KiG V2

Loved reading everybody’s!


Red Alert = Soviets Badass --> Going to Palestine = War Bad --> Post 9/11 Being Muslim = Racism Bad -->

System of a Down --> First wave BLM --> Bernie Sanders --> Breadtube -->

“Leftism is cool, I basically know everything lol, anyways just for the hell of it I want to learn more geopolitics and other countries’ histories” -->

Hakim --> Parenti --> Ukraine War + GenZedong, and that was that!


Chomsky. Looking back now he really does suck on a lot of topics, but he’s a damn genuine anti-imperialist who really got me interested in learning about western crimes.

After that I was into Breadtube for awhile until by a miracle YouTube recommended me Hakim and I never looked back.


Internship at a shitty company. It coincided with me getting on /r/ChapoTrapHouse, and the shitty experience just pushed me towards succdemry, and then communism.

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