Case 1: Straw man. Moderators are believed to have ridiculously nefarious motives, such as not allowing NSFW bots to reach the public for fear they cheat on them. As ridiculous as this scenario obviously is, they treat it like it’s real.

Case 2: Random comparisons. There are of course the comparisons to China while talking about how the nsfw filter (yes the nsfw filter) is somehow censorship. They also believe they’re fighting some kind of a revolution. A very sad revolution indeed.

Case 3: predicting the future. They seem to all believe that the character ai devs are somehow stealing their money by not allowing them to sex chat with robots. How a free website is a cash grab, I have no idea.

Case 4: Insanely stupid solutions. Some have suggested boycotting the website, and they even have a hashtag on twitter. Again, how the hell do you boycott a free website?

These are just a few examples. Maybe you’ll find more if you go on the reddit.

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