I applied for a call center job for an electricity company, our job was to call people and up sell more expensive plans to them. How do people do this kind of shit without feeling like total pieces of shit? I felt so miserable I just left, not worth it even if I was paid 100€ an hour. Part of why it made me feel miserable was my non-existant social skills but the shitiness of the job also made it much more difficult. You interrupt people just going about their day to try and steal their money and youre supposed to tell them “oh no, we actually want to help you save money!”

Actual scum of the earth business model and CEOs that profit off of gullible consumers and the labor of desperate people. An industry that needs burned to the ground. Sorry you experienced that, comrade. But hopefully it reminds you of the the shit that we’re fighting against, too.

I don’t mean that last bit to sound paternalistic or like you don’t already know that, ofc. It just reminds me of a comrade I know who worked in an honest-to-god factory job for the first time and he claimed it made him an exponentially better Marxist as he could grasp those ideals far better in the real, like alienation from production.

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