Set comments to new and watch those Coping americans and their bootlickers crying 🤣🤣

…Anyway Death to AmeriKKKa 🔥🇺🇲🔥

EDIT : Theres a single nazi poster and taliban images in this music video. So ignore it. Also, talibans arent based. Only DR Afganistan is based

Favorite comment has to be “welcome to the watchlist comrades”

Unfathomable levels of basednes


Unfortunate nazi propaganda poster at 0:14 though

Yeah ive noticed that. That also the taliban images too


Taliban are more or less ok in antiamerican video though. After all, they did win.

The place for discussion and jamming out to the tunes of the revolution! Link songs and such here, so that we may create a large database of songs for the proletariat! Any musicians can hang and post their own music as well! This is for everything Communist and Musical!


  1. The music must apply to one or more of these categories: Communist Propaganda Music (Red Army Choir), Music from Socialist countries (Zemlyane, Vesyolye Rebyata, Kerber, etc) , from an anti-capitalist group supported by MLs (IRA, Syria, Libya, Etc), anti-capitalist songs and artists (real ones not grifters like Tupac, make sure of that), or music that is absent of politics entirely(shaky one here, don’t toe the line) like classical or instrumentals, and remixes of the previously listed items
  2. You must put the Name of the song, and artist on the title (in that order). Ex Katyusha, Red Army Choir. - Also, if you can, put the nation the song is from (optional) -If you don’t know either the artist or location, you should put “unknown”
  3. No Reactionary politics or songs
  4. No several hour remixes. Single songs only
  5. Only still pictures of famous artists (appreciation posts), other small exceptions apply
  6. Feel the vibes
  7. NO NIGHTCORE (unless its yours or from Samuel Farina)
  8. Standard Genzedong rules about conduct, any crazy business will be punished.
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