Communist chat through Matrix

I created a matrix room for anybody on Lemmy to join. The main goal of this chat is to bring people together and use the internet for organizing.

Organizing locally is still the best way to get things done and this or any chat rooms over the internet should be considered complimentary because the material conditions and strategical peculiarities vary according to the nation you’re in.

Tasks in mind:

  • Bring comrades from other social media to communist Lemmy
  • Promote periodic discussions, quality posts on Lemmy
  • Do a collective research or essays on chosen subjects, translate them, and share through private social media.
  • Produce propaganda to share on private social media.

Remember, our strength depends entirely on our historical and personal commitment to organization. We alone cannot do much, but together we’ll have enough forces to make a difference.

why would happen? There’re chinese investors in reddit, I’m pretty they wouldn’t allow a ban on r/communist xD

I have element and when I hit the open it here nothing happens

Nevermind got it through fluffychat


I cannot join for some reason. I get «Unable to join room. No known servers». Is it still being used?

Camarada Forte

I can access it for sure. Maybe the link expired? I’ll take a look at it

EDIT: The link was indeed different, possibly because of updates in the Matrix protocol. Should work now


Huh. Weird. I actually noticed the same error on a different channel and I was told it was because my homeserver didn’t know how to connect to it. Changing it fixed the problem I had on the second channel, but I didn’t try to connect to this one again. So I guess by trying to fix a non existent problem you fixed one that did indeed exist.

I tried joining, it tells me “You are not invited to this room”. Do you know how to resolve this?

yea same thing happen to me

Good, now it works.

/u/dessalines can you pin this post for a while to help get the word out in this community ?


Sure thing.


deleted by creator

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Rules for /c/communism

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.

  1. No non-marxists

This subreddit is here to facilitate discussion between marxists.

There are other communities aimed at helping along new communists. This community isn’t here to convert naysayers to marxism.

If you are a member of the police, armed forces, or any other part of the repressive state apparatus of capitalist nations, you will be banned.

  1. No oppressive language

Do not attempt to justify your use of oppressive language.

Doing this will almost assuredly result in a ban. Accept the criticism in a principled manner, edit your post or comment accordingly, and move on, learning from your mistake.

We believe that speech, like everything else, has a class character, and that some speech can be oppressive. This is why speech that is patriarchal, white supremacist, cissupremacist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive is banned.

TERF is not a slur.

  1. No low quality or off-topic posts

Posts that are low-effort or otherwise irrelevant will be removed.

This is not a place to engage in meta-drama or discuss random reactionaries on lemmy or anywhere else.

This includes memes and circlejerking.

This includes most images, such as random books or memorabilia you found.

We ask that amerikan posters refrain from posting about US bourgeois politics. The rest of the world really doesn’t care that much.

  1. No basic questions about marxism

Posts asking entry-level questions will be removed.

Questions like “What is Maoism?” or “Why do Stalinists believe what they do?” will be removed, as they are not the focus on this forum.

  1. No sectarianism

Marxists of all tendencies are welcome here.

Refrain from sectarianism, defined here as unprincipled criticism. Posts trash-talking a certain tendency or marxist figure will be removed. Circlejerking, throwing insults around, and other pettiness is unacceptable.

If criticisms must be made, make them in a principled manner, applying Marxist analysis.

The goal of this subreddit is the accretion of theory and knowledge and the promotion of quality discussion and criticism.

Check out ProleWiki for a communist wikipedia.


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