Aggressive campaign aimed at Pacific Islanders comes amid claims of ‘inhumane conditions’ for pickers

Jesus christ I hate Australia so much:

It comes as Australia’s seasonal worker program is hit with claims it has subjected people to quote inhumane conditions unquote, with a class action being built against the government.

I leave some quotes for people who didn’t have the time to read the article:

Workers are meant to receive $900 a week for their work, but Levitt said this was rare and some were left with only $300 a week after their employers made excessive deductions.

This can include $200 a week to share a shipping container or room with six other people, he said.

“They’re paying through the nose to live with six people in one bedroom, with an outdoor toilet,” Levitt said. “We have payslips where people are being charged $14.80 for water.”

“Because of the intimidation and terror that’s been struck, it’s hard to get anyone to come forward. They’ve been told there are repercussions,” Levitt said.

RED Vulpix

Isn’t “bring shame to your family” like, a stereotype Westerners have of East Asians?

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