Corrupt Freemasons religious cult: Inside The Brotherhood, Martin Short, Granada ITV (1989)
FULL THREE PART SERIESMARTIN WROTE AN EXCELLENT BOOK TOO. WITH THE SAME TITLEWhen the House of Commons Affairs Committee recently recommended that police off...

We should not fall into the trap of attributing motivation or master plans to these kinds of secret societies but it is worth noting that they are excellent tools of influence on the interpersonal/intel side of the Western empire.


A lot of people put way too much stock in these groups power. I’ve been a part of secret societies and met others who were a part of them aswell. Although their oaths do prohibit them from talking specifics I’ve toured temples and seen what they do. Largely these are just social clubs that do community outreach and support fellow members. A lot of the ritual is their for traditions sake and because its liberating to have a space free of judgment.


You should watch the documentary. It is very even handed (the title is just what the YT uploader called it).

The average member is a good hard working person typically seeking out other hardworking men of good character (my grandfather was a mason and spoke highly of the character of others), but the higher up the pyramid you go, the more power the org gives. There is a level where it is like having a private intel network and army.


Maybe, but that’s how it is at the top of any kind of organization. At least, any functioning one as the leadership needs information to make decisions. For a group like the Freemasons that are more social in nature this is even bigger because you spend all your time finding new contacts. Orgs like that are basically a perpetual networking event.


Exactly. There’s a reason these kooky “the masons/illuminati/Knights Templar control everything” theories get started, and it’s because at the top levels, members of private clubs and societies really are embedded with state power.

In the ROK (not gonna dignify that shithole with the name “Korea”), a whole lot of government officials have been shown to have ties to Reverend Moon’s cult.

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