Proponents of the racist Great Replacement Theory seem to be unaware of quite how attractive a world in which they were right would be. As they bemoan so loudly the death of their own ‘way of life’, we must ask what exactly that way of life is. The Western way of life has been of exploitation, first through slavery and now through exploitation of their own. It has been of backing brutal and murderous regimes, as in Chile with Pinochet, as in Cuba with the Batista and as in Afghanistan with Al Qaeda. It has been of war, endless war, the world over to feed their own military industrial complex, spilling foreign blood in the name of shareholders and profits. It has been of the constant suppression and oppression of people the world over – foreign and domestic – to serve a pitiful few. So roll in the Great Replacement. The end of the Western way of life, of the white man’s ‘civilisation’ (and I call it the white man’s civilisation most advisedly, for it does not serve women, and it certainly does not serve those who are not white) can only be good for the world.

I would be very happy if my country was flooded with class-conscious people from the global south. Might actually get something done



Coming hot out of the facts machine


Great Replacement theory is literally just fashies being mad that one day their self destructive way of life will come to an end. It’s telling on yourself of the highest order


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