The pathetic whining from the US and australia when china takes back taiwan is going to fuel us for years to come.


Based RT?!?!?!?!

RT has always been based on issues of US imperialism

I honestly don’t know why China wants Taiwan. Taiwanese don’t want to be Chinese. You just run the risk of destabilizing China with a bunch of potential terrorist. People will rather die than submit to foreign rule. Hong kong I think is easier because it’s right there and has a slightly different history.


Perhaps it’s to stop the embarrassments.

A provincial leader that bows down to a foreign leader’s dog and a populace, then turns around and say they might not be Chinese themselves, while in the past considered the PRC to be illegitimate and unworthy to be called China, is getting everyone in the PRC to cringe.


The history is slightly different but similar enough to draw, well, similarities.

Taiwan does not claim to be an independent country. They claim to be the rightful owners of China (and claim even more territory than the PRC does if you wonder about such a thing, including the whole of Mongolia), and are only “temporarily” in exile in China. In both governments, Taiwan is but a province of China.

So the question is not over statehood, but over province. Taiwan is Chinese, whether that is the PRC or ROC. It’s gonna be the PRC though at this point in time. But Xi very recently said they abandoned all military invasion plans, and unification will happen peacefully.

But Taiwan realises it’s not getting them anywhere over there. At least the government does. The people that want to remain independent have various reasons. The bourgeoisie is deeply rooted in Taiwan, and unification would put their class interests at risk. Workers born in the province of Taiwan are probably scared of what unification would mean. Will they get to keep their life? Will they have to move? Will things become unstable? Will they lose their job? Will they lose some liberties?

And then the homeless and marginalised would probably either like to unify, or don’t care about the question.

You can see this in poll results, where essentially leaving the status quo alive is the most favoured option in respondents. The status quo is shaky on theoretical grounds – this means Taiwan still claims the whole of the ROC but will not do anything about it, and the PRC will still claim the province of Taiwan and seek unification. But materially it works for the whopping 50% or respondents that said they want to keep the status quo. It may not be ideal material conditions (shitty job and high rent for example), but even if your boat has holes in it you might not want to shake it.

There are ways to alleviate possible terrorism after unification, and you may see some acts from separatists, at least to the same extent we saw in HK, but I’m sure the PRC has already planned for it. You don’t become the first worldwide economy by doing random stuff and seeing what sticks. If I remember correctly, they have talked about applying 1 country 2 systems to Taiwan, which would keep stability.

But imagine if this situation played out in your country… it’s only natural to unify your country. It’s not so much a question of “should we unify Taiwan”, but how will we unify Taiwan. If a city in your country was declaring itself to be a sovereign nation and had different laws and you needed visas to visit this city, you would want it to stop that and just come back home.

China has a profitable way of dealing with suspected terrorists though - see Uyghurs



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