Pretty cool, a bit worried how the next step is chip in brain, and a bit uncomfortable if you don’t have to wear glasses but okay all in all.

Also, fucking lol and weird, this looks like Lars Von Trier’s Dogville.


I don’t think we’re all that close to brain chips, at least not in any practical sense. Aside from the technology not being very advanced yet and the side effects not being well-studied, it would be a lot harder for something like that to catch on, I think. It’s one thing to wear a pair of glasses, but something else entirely to undergo brain surgery.

Anyway, this is pretty interesting. The ability to translate things on the fly like that seems pretty useful. My biggest concern is, if there’s nothing in place to prevent people from using it while driving, it could cause drivers to be distracted. Since it wouldn’t require looking away from the road, it might seem like it’s safer than looking at a phone while driving, but focusing on the display still takes attention away from the road, which can be very dangerous.

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