So the idea was to become virtual landowners? Fucking disgusting.

Pretty soon we’ll have virtual plantations and virtual slaves


Does the virtual hellworld go through the same progressive economic stages as the meatworld? E-feudalism, e-capitalism, e-socialism, e-communism? Virtual slave revolts and virtual Pinkermen and virtual war crimes? Will there be an e-Zuckerberg to make a Meta-Meta, where the cycle repeats?

Isn’t this akin to the extension to the simulation theory that says not only could be living in a simulation, we could be living several layers deep into multiple nested simulations? As in, ultra advanced race develops technology to simulate a universe. Simulated universe eventually develops enough to make their own simulated universe, rinse and repeat until you get to our universe.

Soviet Snake

Synecdoque, Meta.


Subscription-based MMO are kinda renting a virtual place when you think about it. Although creating a big game like this at least requires labor, unlike mindless speculation on a virtual world someone else made

I mean, you need money to pay for hosting and maintenance, specially if it is a big game with millions of people, I agree that games as a service are a fucking big of an issue (AccursedFarms has an hour and a half long video which even has some legal background on it) but it is different than this.


I’ve had to look into the metaverse a bit for work, and it’s nothing new. What’s new is giving it a coat of paint, calling it something techy, and pumping money into it to try and make it a thing.

Only time will tell if it sticks and that’s why companies are going into it now: either they make it big, or lose their investment which they budgeted. But regardless they have to get into it early, or they will be left out if it does work and they didn’t adopt it.

But technically a metaverse has existed as long as there’s been MMOs, and Second Life for those that remember was the first big example.

It’s kinda like the cloud in its time. The cloud is nothing more than servers where you store data. Except they communicate with each other and your computer and companies have been able to develop the tech to offer it as a service. It’s kinda become ubiquitous in our lives and I think everyone here uses at least one form of cloud storage.

What we have to be careful of are the hucksters and scammers that sell something it’s not, because World of Warcraft was by definition in the metaverse so wtf is even Carrefour doing buying land in “the” metaverse?

Really it’s playing on our modern sensibilities about VR, social media, etc. It’s a marketing gimmick but like I said, those companies that invested in it don’t really care about their loss. It was all budgeted and 20k is nothing for them when it could mean 20 millions if it pays off.

Metaverse was a silly idea. Why did anyone buy into it?

Metaverse land? Really? That’s a thing?

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