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KKKrapitalist’s actual 5 year plan also looks a lot like this right now. The Western labor market is about to get squeezed to hell. Like post-black plague leverage for laborers.

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I’ve never felt any COVID symptoms but I wonder how many times I’ve gotten COVID by now lmao

I always wear masks, have isolated, be safe and what not but everybody else has completely stopped wearing masks for a while now so my viral load must be so high whenever I go out

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If you wear an n95 mask, avoid crowded indoor spaces, haven’t had any symptoms, and limit the frequency of going out then you probably haven’t gotten it yet tbh. I have the same thought though and it sucks. it’s literally one of the main reasons I am seriously considering moving to China. I don’t want covid (you really fucking don’t) but I want a social life and to be able to go out without having to worry. The notion that a couple weeks or months lockdown is driving chinese people crazy makes me laugh because that is essentially how I have been living for two years now.

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