Americans are putting ketchup on their burgers but at what cost?

Eating Chinese food in this city is generally an exercise in extremism. You can get gross and roll around Chinatown or Flushing. You can go big and have yourself an out of body spice experience at Mission Chinese or Han Dynasty. Or you can overload on delivery, which prevents anything productive from happening the day after. It’s rare you find a hip, cool, fun Chinese restaurant free of meat sweats and MSG. Kings County Imperial may not be traditional Chinese, but it officially serves our favorite Chinese in New York City.

extremely normal stuff. The original review he made was racist asl so they made him edit it 💀.

edit: lmaoooo the restaurant owners are white


The edits are still sus af.

“A modern take on Chinese food”

Are white people inherently more modern or something? I don’t get what the bellend is trying to say.

I don’t see any problem with that. Chinese takeout isn’t generally modern. That stuff’s been around for at least half a century.

My favorite taco place might be called modern, since it’s all vegan. (Mexicans who cling to tradition insist that real Mexican food is carnist, even if it’s an 80 yr old Mexican abuella making the vegan tacos)


As a Chinese person, I don’t find the existence of Western style Chinese food problematic. What I hate is people assuming that it’s the definitive Chinese Food. That’s like saying McDonald’s is representative of all American food, or Tim Horton’s is all Canadian food, or fish and chips is all British food, etc etc.

Even if you had 100% authentic Chinese food, China is the third largest country in the world, almost as big as the entirety of Europe, with a continuous, 5000 year old history of meshing and overlapping cultures and traditions. So there’s no way you could say you had “Chinese food” as if you could go anywhere in China and that’s what everyone eats.

Actually, the West has this reductive view of literally all foreign foods.


Fair enough I see your point.

I think it’s more about the phrasing. “A modern take on Mexican food” implies (at least to me) that Mexican cuisine isn’t “modern” and hasn’t changed in a long time, whereas “a modern take on tacos” is much more specific

Tbf the place also has Chile relleno, nachos con Todo, and other stuff too…

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