What are your thoughts on this? I’ve read Roddenberry was a Maoist and that all in all it does look what society could achieve with socialism and so on, but there are mentions within the series of money still existing and so on, of black markets and so on. I know I could simply ignore the small details and it does perfectly describe in a superficial way how it would be, but in a way it doesn’t look like. Does this change in the following series or there are some glimpses of capitalism here? I assume the last series is pretty shitty in that regard, but maybe TNG is not.

Unfortunately, TNG is only very vaguely communist, and not always consistent (at least if you include the bad or mediocre episodes). I can’t think of an example of inconsistency right now, but maybe someone who watched it more recently can chime in


TOS doesn’t have much meat on the subject beyond the vague implication that poverty and money no longer exist on earth. This idea is sustained in TNG as well as DS9 which has the most politics of any trek series. They never use the word communism, but what we see is undoubtedly a Marxist Lenninist society. DS9 even has a plot thread where humans convince a group of hyper-capitalist aliens known as ferengi to form their societies first labor union.

When Picard says “the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives,” we can conclude that this future society is definitely not a capitalist one.

Soviet Snake

Can’t wait to get to DS9 then, it sounds a lot better in that regard although TOS has its own kind of charm, I’m really going to miss the crew. T-T

I thought that since Roddenberry was already dead the producers may have killed that communist vibe, as they did with the new show, and that TGN would be more based.

TGN is more communist, the TOS was made in a era of extreme TV regulations and more anti-communist paranoid and late in live Roddenberry become more communist.


In my head canon those references were anachronistic. I remember they come upon the man from the 20th century and they are shocked at how greedy he is and generally view him quite negatively. To me that represents the main thrust of the show and the references to money and so forth are just the details Roddenberry included to (1) socialize star trek around the peak of McCarthyism and/or (2) use as placeholders as he fleshed out this world he was creating.

However, I do think it is far less comunist than TNG

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