Northern Europe has some problems


Some is a polite understatement.

This is Western Europe, but still.


lets all remember that the dupont family is basically the strawmen dynasty of the wealth of Louis of Belgiums Congolese Massmurder exploits. And dupont was not just one of the largest investors in the 3rd Reich (would have been a main target of communist/socialist/Anarchist and anticolonialist/antiimperialist hatred), or lobbied for Prohibition in order to re-enslave their former slaves as “criminals”, no, this dynasty is so fucking rotten, their heir raped his own 2-year old daughter and NEVER SAW A DAY IN JAIL. verdict: guilty, but too rich for jail


and also: note how all the “believe all women” / “metoo” people NEVER FUCKING TOUCHED THE TOPIC of Robert H. Richards IV and the corrupt cabal that kept him out and about. probably one of Epsteins best secret friends &customers and levels above him when it comes to power and depravity… maybe even his ultimate handler

The civilised west

DankZedong ☭☭☭

I might get slammed for this, but I think this is stretching it a bit much.

The hands from Antwerp go back centuries as it’s part of the myth of the giant Antigoon. Brabo, a young Roman soldier, was tasked with defeating the giant, who was guarding a bridge to cross the Schelde river. He extracted a fee and people that refused got their hand chopped off. Eventually Brabo defeated him and chopped of Antigoon’s hand and threw it in the river. According to the myth, this is where Antwerpen got it’s name (Hand, meaning hand, and werpen, meaning to throw).

Maybe, maybe it’s in bad taste. But given the history these hands have for this city, and that chocolate is a very popular Belgian thing, you might think it could be a coincidence.

Belgium did some fucked up things, I know that. But I don’t think making some treats (which come in different colours) like this are part of it.

I don’t mean this as a ‘we can’t discuss this’ type of comment by the way. I can see why it can be a controversial thing. But I truly don’t think this is what they had in mind when making these chocolates. But it can function as a conversation starter about actual compensation for Congo victims.

Just Belgian bourgeois quirkiness. These are the same people that held indigenous Congolese in essentially a zoo to display at the Berlin World’s fair, including young children, in 1958, fucking 1958!

Thanks goodness I am off reddit, where some asshole was defending this as a tradition. I told him to eat shit, and if it makes him feel better, he could shape it like a hand.

If this was any other country, it wouldn’t be sick, since it’s Belgium, I remembered immediately.

It’s even worse: not only do they still continue to make them even after dozens of publication pointed that, but it might not even be a coincidence, since the chocolate hands production started in 1934.

Btw they are in three usual chocolate colours: black, brown and white.

Also, why the fuck it is so hard to type “chockolate” in english?

English writes “chocolate” without the “k”. It mightseen like some english bs, but we write in the same way on portuguese, although it has an different sound.


Yeah, as you can see i made a typo in this word even when paying attention, overall that was like 5 or 6 typos in three words. I suck at typing both in english and polish but damn this word is complete removed in english.


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