President of corporation that makes its money by snatching up homes from the poor complains that “the poors are so entitled”

These people shouldn’t feel safe in public.


Some people need curb stomping. The wall is too quick.

IMHO the fact that the families of people who say this have reason to feel safe is proof that the “West” is not only unsaveable, it is not worth saving.


Always worth saving but yeah the vast majority of people are so thoroughly brainwashed by capitalist ideology. Doomerism is counterproductive for sure, but dear God it is depressing to relentlessly be bombarded with propaganda all day and interact with brainwashed people. Especially when you consider how pervasive the charade is. Meanwhile the psychotic elite just live it up without a worry under the Sun

KiG V2

I think the thing too is that trying to, shall we say break that trend and set a new precedence is dangerous. I’ve know people IRL who were victims of devastating robberies, battery, rape, abuse, murders (obviously not themselves but someone close to them) and the cops would half ass pretend to look and then shrug, “Nothing to be done about it!” attitude if they didn’t just straight up tell them to their face they didn’t really care to look into it.

But if a rich person–forget an actually powerful rich person, even just rich by local town’s standards–if a rich person got pushed over and scraped their knee on the curb they scour every CCTV camera within miles going back years, enlist half the free population of the city to scour for evidence, pump it through the media, the FBI is sifting through phone records and every facecam on every phone and laptop and smart doorbell, and when the perpetrator is caught (if they are brought in alive, that is) they are ensured an unbeatable draconian sentence paired with Solitary Confinment Because We Can.

Knees should be scraped, just exercise caution. Keep smart.

No, this is doomerism and third worldism. There is no such thing as “the west”, rather, there is a group of nations that have been forcibly annexed into the american empire either by force, bribery or both. The comprador bourgeousie of those countries reap the benefits and the workers suffer the consquences. Sure, during the Marshall Plan western workers did benefit from imperialism, but thats not the case anymore. Workers in Spain, Greece and the USA are all going through tremendous hardship with the economic crisis now, just as third world workers are. It is our job as communists to educate the masses and create class consciousness, the opportunity is there now, we must only do it. If we dont, the far right will do it instead, they will tell the masses thay their suffering is because of “jewish communist globalists” and that the solution is “exterminating all immigrants”. Now more than ever, workers in the first and third world have a common interest, now is the time to organize the masses! Its not “the west” that we must save, its THE PEOPLE of “the west” that we must save. By saving them, we save everybody. By dooming them, we doom everybody. Only global worker solidarity will lead the revolution, third worldism is ultra left defeatism. Dont let doomerism defeat you.

lol why would someone downvote this?

Highly recommend you read about the Congress for Cultural Freedom, a CIA organization set up in 1950 to promote antisoviet “leftism”. Trotskyism, democratic socialism, malthusianism, new religious movement leftism and other ideologies were promoted by the CIA to crush the western left. I highly doubt they arent doing the same nowadays.

Liberalism. It has poisoned the western left, even many MLs cant shake it off.

Hell you are correct, I’m having troubles with that shit myself but I think I’m winning against it.



Question. Is the third world got it AS GOOD as the troubled mid to low income workers in the west OR is western workers suffering AS BAD as we understand third world workers endure?

As I understand it; broke Americans are FUCKING GREAT compared to overexploutes global south workers.


Third world workers obviously have it worse than first world workers. However this is temporary, once the third world breaks free of the shackles of imperialism, unequal value exchange will disappear and thus the western bourgeoisie will have no choice but to reindustrialize the first world and extract more surplus value from first world workers. This will greaty worsen their living conditions, bringing to an end this difference in living standards and setting the stage for revolution in the west. This is slowly beginning to happen, Mali and the Central African Republic have already broken out of french imperialism and joined the antiimperialist bloc (thanks to help from Russia and China), Burkina Faso may follow soon. Slowly but surely its happening, and we must be ready for when the opportunity for revolution arrives to the west.


Imagine reading this and not becoming a communist. The western populace needs to wake up.

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