Holy shit they are so braindead. It feels like a lot of people think we don’t know what the Soviet union was like or they just spout made up propoganda. I wish people would actually read and do research, past the sources that pull shit out of their ass.


They can only “debunk” communism using memes or that specific book


You know, it’s kinda funny.

Once I argued with some insufferable liberal, who’s only source of information about the USSR and its history was Wikipedia. I think I killed a lot of my brain cells for nothing.

The second time was when some Russian monarchists tried to cast a shadow over the GOELRO plan, saying that “acshually, it was planned by the tsar himself, so the fucking Bolsheviks did nothing but steal intellectual property, because they can’t invent something themselves”. When I asked for a source, all they gave me was a supposedly historical book by some monarchist fiction writer. When I pointed this out, they started shouting that I was a fucking communist who needed to be killed.

Like, in the literal sense, anti-communism and ignorance go hand in hand very often.

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