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After an informal hiatus, we are now working on prolewiki again and have been doing a ton of work. We’ve also brought on a couple new editors who have made terrific edits to the wiki!

While the Discord is secondary to the wiki and is made to facilitate discussion between the editors, we strive to make a serious but welcoming server where committed comrades can ask their questions, talk to the prolewiki admin team openly, and ask their questions about theory – we have several knowledgeable comrades to help you out with any topic you don’t understand! (As well as wiki articles, of course).

If you feel prolewiki is a worthwhile project, we also encourage you to request an account and start editing!

We remain committed marxist-leninists and the server follows our principles.

If you join from lemmygrad please include your lemmygrad username so we can expedite your verif!


Woaps, should’ve posted it here. Having trouble joining Discord, can I get some help somehow?


Yep, I saw you made a ticket so I can help you out on the server directly.


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