I felt skeptical about the Western media when they talk about NK. Typically I thought North Korea was as bad as the media says, but I couldn’t just trust the western media either, especially the us because they (including general people) were so against china for no valid reason and I’m a chinese descent. they saturated the media so much even people around me hates china so much that they become racist towards them.

Westerners tried so hard to frame other communist countries as evil, when in fact they are right now colonizing Palestine. kills a lot of people in the process. doing war crimes like attacking hospitals, children, bombarding their cities with rockets when they clearly have little to no defense.

this kind of hypocrisy is the root of my skepticism. and thankfully slowly I can learn bits and pieces of truth. once I become an adult and have a stable job, I plan to go to North Korea to see it myself how the country is actually doing.

Please, Do not stop posting useful information. if you can share trusted sources for North Korean news please do. as I need further reading.



PS: I apologize if my english isn’t great, It is not my first language.


That’s really great to hear. Next you will catch yourself saying DPRK instead of North Korea without realising it lol.

For news sources you can try the official state media, KCNA http://kcna.kp/, or the aggregator https://kcnawatch.org, which takes news from the various media channels the DPRK has (I’m not sure, but I certainly hope they are just a mirror and don’t add their own spin). But it’s news meant for the people of the DPRK, so you might have a hard time understanding them. They’re published in English, they’re just very topical.

Otherwise personally I’m gonna start reading Kim Il Sung when I can. A defector (who wants to go back to the DPRK) in the Loyal citizens of Pyongyang documentary said Kim Il Sung was a great general and leader, so much so that even the Japanese praise him in their military reports – and, you know, Japan had colonised and was in the process of depopulating Korea, so that says a lot about him that they would acknowledge him.

Next you will catch yourself saying DPRK instead of North Korea without realising it lol.

having an american tell me “will you PLEASE shut up about the DPRK!” is one of my proudest moments, tbh 🥲

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    A community about anything related to Korea, such as news about the countries (DPRK and south), discussion, photos and videos, the language, etc.

    See also: !juchegang@lemmygrad.ml, which is intended for memes rather than serious discussion of these topics.

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    1. No imperialist apologia. The DPRK didn’t start the war. US imperialist invasion was not justified. Neither are their army bases in south Korea. The sanctions were and are not justified.

    2. Be respectful. The imperialist media likes to describe the DPRK people as completely brainwashed, and that it’d be fine to completely destroy that country in an invasion. Don’t act like the imperialist media.

    3. Be skeptical of your sources. Don’t trust the media that has been known to report many falsehoods about Korea already. (You may still link to them if they write something interesting / worth reading, just be careful.)

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