Hey comrades! Can you explain these things to me?

  • The “Winnie the Pooh” fiasco
  • Tinanmen protests

racists online compared Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh, then made up that Winnie the Pooh was banned in china. Quite literally the comparison was nothing more than “yellow tubby man look funny”, which Redditors just added more ignorance to as the joke went on.

Tiananmen was a violent protest where pro-liberal students tried to oppose socialism by force. The violence was initiated by the protesters, and the majority of injuries were caused to cops. Western media initially reported honestly on the protests, admitting the students caused the violence and that the violence was relatively tame, then they started reporting dishonestly about it, making up large death tolls and spinning it as the PLA putting down a peaceful protest. https://liberationschool.org/tiananmen-the-massacre-that-wasnt/

The Free Penguin

Wait, so it wasn’t just “haha xi jinping look funny”?

Winnie: the “meme” started some 5-6 years ago after a picture of Xi Jinping walking with Obama was posted next to a picture of Winnie the pooh and Tiger walking next to each other in a similar way. That was on Chinese social media. Some years later, Amerikan netizens got wind of it somehow and started using the meme as well, but they thought it was because Winnie the Pooh was banned in China (because of the previous meme on social media that they thought criticized Xi). What actually happened was that China places quotas on foreign films imported every year, and the 2018 Cristopher Robin movie didn’t make it. You can go on aliexpress or other local online shops and get all the Winnie the Pooh stuff you want.

Yes, there is a racist component to it because of the colour of Xi’s skin.

Tiananmen: In 1989, Deng started introducing reforms to promote China’s economic growth. Some of those reforms included a liberalisation of the economy and gave some powers to business owners. This didn’t sit well with Maoists or students, who started protesting. Soon the protests were co-opted by anticommunists who probably had ties to regime change organisations. I can’t prove it directly, but for example here is Chai Ling hoping that the government will kill the students in the next few days while she admits she will not be at the square during that time. You will notice her incredible acting job. Then she left to the US, married a Republican politician, and has a net worth higher than 1 million dollars. Let’s just say if I was employed by the NED or CIA I would not miss this occasion for anything in the world. If I was not involved by the time Chai Ling got into it with her pro-regime change speech, at this stage it was basically handed to me on a silver platter.

Because if these students were actually “pro-democracy” (a meaningless term) as the liberal medial likes to parrot, then they should have loved Deng’s reforms.

The Chinese government does not deny anything happened. First of all because there were too many people involved and it would be impossible to deny it (this is a conspiracy theory libs love, that the Chinese government is both powerful and threatening enough that it can censor anything it wants and people don’t speak out in fear, but also incompetent enough to spend money and effort on frivolous, impossible projects). You can go on gov.cn and access the report that was made by the State Council. Unfortunately I never remember which report it is exactly (this is all for the month of June), but they talk about the “massacre”. Except it wasn’t a massacre.

According to the Chinese government, 300 people died on June 4th. Most of those casualties were PLA soldiers.

PLA troops were deployed without weapons and were lynched and burned by the students protesting there. Later their vehicles were set on fire and some soldiers died from not being able to exit the vehicle. This was the catalyst that forced the PLA to empty the square. By this point most of non regime change protesters had left the square. The “massacre” (it wasn’t a massacre, but certainly there were civilian casualties) actually took place outside the square.

There’s also the famous cable by a British diplomat in HK which cannot be corroborated by any other witness. It’s from his cable that we get the famous story of machine gun nests perched on top of buildings so they could mow down fleeing students, or the shock story of tanks running over people and then soldiers washing the remains down the drains (as if they would contaminate their sewers like that lol). Like I said it’s a huge incident involving many people, there were many foreign journalists covering the story as well. None of them have ever talked about machine gun fire or tanks purposely running over people.

There is a reason libs won’t let this incident die. Can you name any other ~minor incident (relatively, compared to what the US has done in Iraq or Afghanistan, or what Israel does in Palestine) that gets talked about that much? And not only gets talked about, but gets talked about so wrongly?

We should also talk about “Tank man”, because it’s the photo that gets shared around the most. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeFzeNAHEhU, it’s not a secret. The tanks were leaving the square after the night of June 4th, and this guy was preventing them from leaving. Look at the restraint showed by the column of tanks – they don’t threaten him, they don’t try to run him over. They even let him climb onto one and talk to the crew inside. Are we supposed to believe these soldiers were just, a few hours earlier, indiscriminately firing at protesters?

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