Kazakhstan is Liberalism??? wthhh

When have communists ever killed large groups of people because they are “unfit to live”? Answer: Never


They pick so hard at a scab that doesn’t exist, while also implying that social democrats - who they admit still believe in capitalism - and liberals are comrades.

The only example of this actually happening, that I can think of, would be when the Greek communist party, and Golden Dawn teamed up against their shitty government. But even that’s not fully a unification between Communists and Fascists - it’s simply a political coalition forged through mutual understanding of the material conditions of Greece. (also the Greek communist party is kinda shitty, I’ve heard.)


I never saw anyone call himself a state socialist.

Edit: They also think that fascists want to nationalize companies, which shows their understanding of fascism is null.

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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