Channel 23? If it’s the network I’m thinking of, Univision, then that news network is reactionary garbage. It’s the biggest Hispanic network in the US, so pretty much every Spanish-speaking person is watching it or one of its subsidiaries. It’s progressive on most Hispanic-relating topics in the US, but its foreign policy is awful. It’s always repprting hot garbage about Latin-American countries, especially left-wing ones. It loves talking shit about Venezuela and is always manufacturing consent about Cuba by uplifting the voices of anti-communist Cubans. They’re already reporting on the claims that Fujimori has called election fraud on Castillo. Granted, they were just reporting the facts, but I personally don’t think that accusation should even be given the light of day without comparing it to Morales in Bolivia and talking about how that claim ended up being false.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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