I get that you need to have evidence and stuff but imagine being tied to a pole and then have someone take a picture before they cut you loose

This was apparently spread by a Ukrainian news channel (according to the linked tweet below), not taken by people who cut them loose (assuming they have been freed by now)

Do you have a source for that right picture?

fuuuuck me, this was one of the replies

They were caught stealing and this is how ukrainians try to deal with looters during wartime - by shaming them. They treat like this all people, no matter ethnic origin. I would say this is unconvencional method, but as long as it works.

as if that justifies painting their faces and publicly shaming them

(actually, almost all of the replies are like this)

I have never seen an ethnically Ukrainian person treated this way, and the notion that all the Roma in Lviv simply happened to be looters is absurd

In my experience, if you let the average euro talk about Roma for a bit, it will make klansmen blush. They will also insist with a straight face that they are in no way racist, and the issue is that Roma are just naturally thieving and refusing to integrate into civilized society.

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