Its a good thing China doesn’t share NATO values. Last thing we need is a super power sharing the same values that led to countless millions being killed and billions having their lives ruined to serve the insatiable hunger of western colonialism.

Mmh… not defending USA, but are we sure about the “world dominated by a single country” part?..

China has been working to prop up other countries while requiring relatively little in return. Look at all the debt forgiveness and free vaccines they’ve been handing out to developing countries. Compare that to what this US is doing.

someone said to me that people were being helped by china “only because china wants something in return”… but then said that china hasn’t asked for anything and acknowledged that the people of the island love china because china cares for them and provides aid when no one else will.

The world will never be dominated by a single country after any country, outside of the Anglo Saxon sphere, becomes a dominant superpower. Other countries, even China, do not fund or create wars and export their ideology forcefully on other countries.

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