ahh nm it turns out they’re just trolling:

“Liberal democracies”

Ok, now I might see why Stalin wrote Socialism and Anarchism



I tried refinding the image but couldnt…

So when the Proud Boys leader infiltrated the Proud Boys for the fbi and became its leader he went on a podcast/radio thing with an FBI hat and was talking about how the fbi had the proud boys back

I dont doubt that most groups are heavily infiltrated and the fbi has bots (human or otherwise) writing this kinda shit all day long


Holy shit.

Historically elite classes kept a great deal of knowledge to themselves, keeping the peasantry ignorant of important facts, which made literacy and books sort of levelling tools, a way to even the playing field. Clearly, in that context, we seem better off with them. But are we really? Aren’t there other ways to impart important knowledge? If all the municipal buildings and the banks were burned to the ground, if there was no longer records of ownership or debt as everything was freely shared, what sort of information would still be necessary to record and store?

So I am encouraging us to look more closely at literacy, the social order and relationships that created it and the way it forms our thinking, reinforces unhealthy habits, and reproduces oppressive and uniform social orders. I am also speculating that truly free people deep-rooted in habitats would probably not pursue literacy. Without elites that have an interest in keeping certain knowledge for themselves, facts and philosophy would be shared and debated equally through daily activities, not contained in books.


This confirms to me that all anarchists are ultimately primitivists.

Edit: tell you what though, I will expand on my meme answer. Anarchists really make themselves look like they only care about destroying things. This essay reminds me of the “myth of left unity” essay posted on the same site by some cringe illegalist, who upheld the Hadza people as the best of anarchism today (a tribe of hunter-gatherers). To some extent I believe many of them simply have a disdain for authority in general or a chip on their shoulder and this turns into an ideology that gives them the moral backing for their opinions (and who has chips in their shoulder? The petite bourgeoisie). It’s not just the state that’s bad, it’s social structures. Inventions. Discoveries. Essentially in this essay, books may not be inherently bad, but literacy is. But without literacy there are no books. So ultimately, books are bad. This is their reasoning.

We come back to socialism or barbarism. Anarchists would like to destroy everything and hope to do it right this time around. But who else, aside from them, want to smash everything around them (my argument being: how are you going to get people onboard anarchism if you tell them everything they care about must go)? We got hospitals. I don’t want to destroy hospitals or their capacity to provide treatment. We got schools. I don’t want to destroy schools or their capacity to provide education. This capacity to provide a service implies social relations at play. An individual can drive a bus and pick people up, but it takes division of labour and planning (more social relations) to make the driver useful (in the sense that his labour is performed efficiently).

What bothered me specifically in this essay was the mention of learning to fish or gather edible plants. Incidentally this anarchist is making the same mistake Proudhon did, which is to only take one side of production and ignore the social relations that govern it. If you are talking about labour, you are talking about division of labour. Yet you can only sustain yourself and your family if you learn to fish like I imagine it (I’m guessing we’re talking about rod fishing, and not working aboard a huge trawler vessel).

So what will we do in an anarchist society? Well, first, you have to destroy all social relations that brought us to the present day, because they are inherently bad. Then you teach people how to fish. Then they fish for themselves and their family. Meanwhile nobody is making MRI machines, nobody is driving buses, because there are no social relations to make these possible. Then 100 years down the line we reinvent writing and books. And perhaps in another 100 years we will discover feudalism!

Incidentally if the writer wanted to criticize education, there are very good marxist analyses of education throughout history and in the present day, and we are in fact (in the imperial core, which is the richest part of the world) in a highly contradictory time right now, as we need people to be more and more educated but also can’t take the time to actually educate them.

Camarada Forte

TL;DR: “Reading is hard for me and I make no effort to read anymore”


These “anarchists” are just spicy libs


lolol they’re whining about Castillo’s win: https://twitter.com/codet_t/status/1402238486145548290?s=20


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Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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