This is a brief selection of quotes on Trotsky and Trotskyism:

Ho Chi Minh: The Chinese Trotskyists (like the Trotskyists of other countries) do not represent a political group, much less a political party. They are nothing but a band of evil-doers, the running dogs of Japanese fascism (and of international fascism).

Stalin: Trotskyism is the advanced detachment of the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie.

Lenin: The obliging Trotsky is more dangerous than an enemy!

Lenin: All that glitters is not gold. There is much glitter and sound in Trotsky’s phrases, but they are meaningless.

Che Guevara: We consider the Trotskyist party to be acting against the revolution.

Che Guevara: Trotsky, along with Khrushchev, belongs to the category of the great revisionists.

Gramsci: Trotsky is the b###h of fascism.

Lenin: Trotsky has never yet held a firm opinion on any important question of Marxism. He always contrives to worm his way into the cracks of any given difference of opinion, and desert one side for the other. At the present moment he is in the company of the Bundists and the liquidators.

Lenin: Trotsky unites all to whom ideological decay is dear, all who are not concerned with the defence of Marxism; all philistines who do not understand the reasons for the struggle and who do not wish to learn, think, and discover the ideological roots of the divergence of views. At this time of confusion, disintegration, and wavering it is easy for Trotsky to become the “hero of the hour” and gather all the shabby elements around himself, The more openly this attempt is made, the more spectacular will be the defeat.

Ho Chi Minh: In all countries, the Trotskyists give themselves fine names in order to mask their dirty work and banditry. For example: in Spain they call themselves the United Marxist Workers Party (POUM). Do you know that it’s they who constitute the nests of spies in Madrid in Barcelona and in other places in the service of Franco?

Fidel Castro: This position of the Trotskyists is the same which all newspapers and publicity agencies of Yankee imperialism adopted in relation to the cause of Comrade Ernesto Guevara. All the imperialist press of the United States, its news agencies, the Cuban counter-revolutionaries’ press, the bourgeois press throughout the continent and the rest of the world - in other words, this campaign of slanders and intrigues against revolutionary Cuba in connection with the case of Comrade Guevara - coincided with precision with all imperialist bourgeois sectors, all the slanderers and all the conspirators against the Cuban revolution, for there is no doubt that only reaction and imperialism is interested in discrediting the Cuban revolution and in destroying the confidence of the revolutionary movements in the Cuban revolution, in destroying the confidence of the Latin American peoples in the Cuban revolution, in destroying their faith. Therefore, they have not hesitated to use the dirtiest and most indecent weapons.

Fidel Castro: Even though at one time Trotskyism represented an erroneous position, but a position in the field of political ideas, Trotskyism became during the following years a vulgar instrument of imperialism and reaction.

Mao Zedong: I believe we should do things honestly, for without an honest attitude it is absolutely impossible to accomplish anything in this world. Which are the honest people? Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are honest, men of science are honest. Which are the dishonest people? Trotsky, Bukharin, Chen Tu-hsiu and Chang Kuo-tao are extremely dishonest…

Lenin: Trotsky groups all the enemies of Marxism, he unites Potresov and Maximov, who detest the “Lenin-Plekhanov” bloc, as they like to call it. Trotsky unites all to whom ideological decay is dear, all who are not concerned with the defence of Marxism.

Stalin: There can be no doubt at all. “Permanent revolution” is not a mere underestimation of the revolutionary potentialities of the peasant movement. “Permanent revolution” is an underestimation of the peasant movement which leads to the repudiation of Lenin’s theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Trotsky’s “permanent revolution” is a variety of Menshevism.

Love those quotes.


Trotskyism is for people who want to be communists but do not want to commit to it. They disavow the USSR because it’s safer to do so, and this will be their downfall. Unable to take the right lessons from the past, they will commit the same mistakes. Their willingness to avoid alienating themselves from the bourgeois parties and states will effectively leash all revolutionary potential.

As for me I know which method has provided results and I don’t need a white British telling me to be a trot. Though I’m sure the debate is interesting.

Edit: I scrubbed the beginning as I didn’t have time to watch the vid and thought this was in the form of a debate between a trot and an ML. Disregard that and please watch the video, I was told it’s very interesting.


Proletarian tv is marxist-leninist and the speaker is Harpal Brar, a punjabi, not a “white british”…its a good watch

It’s not a debate and they’re not telling you to be a trot. It’s a good listen so far.


My favourite thing about Trotsky and Trotskyism, is he was meme’d into oblivion in the USSR. So much so, that if you found a trotskyist in an Ex-SR state, odds are they didn’t live during the union.

Trotsky is only remembered in popular culture because he symbolizes opposition to Stalin, that’s the only reason would-be-communists end up reading him. They want to be able to call themselves communist, and claim to be Marxists, but they don’t want to divorce anti-communist propaganda from their lexicon and would rather distance themselves from the Stalin era. Outside of the west, Trotsky’s theories have only really seemed to take root in central and south America. But, those comrades - other than the ones in Mexico - don’t distance themselves from the Stalin era, and instead uphold Trotsky’s theories on revolution and organizing (or, to my understanding, I still need to do a deeper dive on their version of Trotskyism).

Trots in the west really do just come out and tell you they’re anti-communist too, by puppetting conservative lines on AES. There’s a really good reason Trotskyism is referred to as a ‘communist to conservative pipeline’.

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