I don’t have a youtube account. I’ll have this discussion here instead in their comment section.

Basically all I heard was Greta Thunberg bad because she said billionaires are destroying the environment aren’t doing anything-- which is true. and then continues to talk about something completely unrelated; Population control and Eco technology? what does that has to do with what greta said? economical growth isn’t going to fix anything because of the fact that the one who wins in the capitalist system is whoever makes the most money. companies will get the most money out of cutting costs with exploiting workers and also the environment, then selling propaganda. as simple as that; capitalism promotes this kind of behavior and never will be eco-friendly. eco-capitalism only works if everyone has their importance for humanity and not for money.

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Population control isn’t the solution, socialism is


capitalism wants to treat climate change like diabetes. so I guess we should abuse earth as long as it can take it. you didn’t take in the fact were already on our way to suffer because It’s already too late to stop climate disasters. the least we can do is try to fix the earth by not exploiting it any longer.

Obviously, population control is the solution to climate change. Goods and services humans use come from environment. Most energy comes from coal.

Population control should be the topmost priority.

Population is a non-issue. Not even going into the logistics of it (how would you deploy that worldwide, who would be controlled and who wouldn’t, why they would accept to be controlled…), the Earth was still replenishing in the 60s, and we were about half the people we are today on the planet.

The problem is capitalism. What changed between 1960 and today? We are more reliant on fossil technologies – cities are badly planned and cars are often the best way to travel them. We consume useless shit we don’t need, throw it away and then buy something else. We don’t recycle plastic, which was a problem in the 60s but plastic was also used much less – wood, metal or cardboard was preferred. Hopefully we are coming closer to recycling plastic, but I’m not counting on that. We also need to go back to nuclear and invest in research. It’s the most efficient form of energy and the safest when compared to all other sources of energy.

Crypto mining for example is really wasteful in terms of electricity, and for what? 10 years later it still has no use value. We don’t need 40 brands of soda or chocolate that make the same product with a different name, and then throw it away anyway because it’s past the magical date on the label. We don’t need to buy clothes every month because they are out of style or broken (a problem of capitalism, make shitty clothes so they break fast).

Stores are just now phasing out plastic bags and plastic packages, and they’ll be really proud to tell you all about it (Aldi comes to mind). Why didn’t they do this 20 years ago? Why wait until they are forced? Because they don’t give a shit. Line must go up at any cost.

What we need is degrowth. Unlike “population control”, it has been researched thoroughly by scientists. But that is impossible in capitalism, because capitalism requires growth to function. All I’ve just said is a capitalist problem. It is inconceivable for H&M to stop producing so much clothes, because a- it makes a ton of money and b- C&A and Zara will still produce those clothes. H&M would lose on profit and people will go to the competition. That would be their end and it is against their self-interest (understand it to be selfish interest) as a company. Repeat this problem to all companies in the world.

And then you have all the people taking business trips on their private plane instead of public airlines or rich people taking the yacht out (some of which require a whole crew) for a weekend getaway.

Population control is a fascist talking point (“ecofascists”) and when you start agreeing with fascists in the least it’s time to take a step back and think thoroughly about this.

The only solution is socialism going into communism. Only socialism is able to properly plan degrowth so that it doesn’t spiral out of control and kills people.


We’re going to have a population problem if we do that. I believe that there are better ways to do things. I’d take a look at Bolivia’s eco-socialist leader and then impove it since that’s the real proof we have now.

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