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Here’s the thread. 50k upvotes for an immigrant-hating fascist.


Nazis and r/europe: name a more iconic duo.

Could you provide some facts of him currently being immigrant-hating fascist? Also I suggest you to look into some of more recent ideas and politics regarding Russia, not just some 10+ year old stuff.

Besides that, what’s your point? Do you have slightest awareness of what’s going on in Russia and what was and is happening to A. Navalny and his people? I surely hope you’re not disagree with that person’s opinion, because then you’d be disagree with a lot of russian people who fight for the freedom of speech (and loosing the fight so far).

Maybe in the eyes of today’s viewer that video does seem bad, I can agree on that. But the general idea of that video was about wide legalization of guns and was relevant then and is still now, because Russia has it’s own major immigrants problem.

Interview may have some good points, but There is no visible opposition in Russia. Today there is only very few political parties including the now disbanded ФБК, which Navalny was the leader of. Another opposition party is already disbanded as well. All the “opposition” parties talked about in interview like КПРФ in reality have very little to do with the opposition.

Interview says that Russia is not that bad - maybe, compared to 90’s, it’s not. But it’s been 20 years and almost nothing had changed. I live there, I’ve seen it - Russia is a shithole. Maybe people don’t notice it living aboard like the interviewed person, or if you live in the big city like Moscow. But once you leave the big city - it’s all rural in a bad sense of word. Total decay of everything.

Yet still, I was hoping for something more recent than 10+ years old. Do you agree on every aspect of life with “10-years-ago” you? Probably not, because we all change our opinions and evolve. Well, most of us. After all, even Amnesty International changed their mind based on how old his statements are.

Yeah newsflash, I wasn’t a racist shit head like Navalny 10 years ago, and still aren’t. But I’m sure he woke up one day and magically shed all his racism and now he’s just a super swell guy.

You realize we’re communists and don’t want Navalny to win right? The fuck do we do with a lying liberal taking over Russia? How does that help communism?

Despite there actually being a small chance for a little thing to quickly change one’s opinion about something, I believe 10+ years is more than enough time to gradually change your mind, especially due how much the world around you is changing. I know a number people who were homophobic and racist, like, five or so years ago. But then one thing made a big push towards then changing their opinion.

I mean, it’s not me posting about him and calling him things without providing any recent evidence. That’s why I ask things.


The linked article on the Grayzone mentions that in an interview after the alleged poisoning, he stated that he has the same views as when he went into politics. So it’s not just something 10+ years ago, he’s admitted quite recently that his views haven’t changed.

You don’t need recent evidence. I think the fact that he’s never disavowed his bigoted beliefs is enough cause for concern. If you think he believes something different about muslim migrants now, it is your burden of proof.


Navalny does not have popular support. He had so little support in fact he had to form an alliance with two other tiny parties.

And if you want more additional recent stuff, he pretended he had been poisoned by Putin not once but THREE times lmao.

You are concern trolling and that makes me wonder who you really are. “I hope you don’t disagree with people who fight for freedom… The things he said were 10 years ago…” what is your goal here? You know we don’t have the power to free him on Lemmygrad lol.

My goal is just to know people’s opinions. I state mine, you state yours and I’m trying to figure out why these two differ. Only now I’ve noticed it’s been posted to Lemmygrad, oops. I guess that makes a bit more sense now.

And if you want more additional recent stuff, he pretended he had been poisoned by Putin not once but THREE times

How does that proves his beliefs regarding the topic? I was wondering if there are any recent statements or actions he did that would confirm the accusations. So far I haven’t seen any. Do you think he’s just hiding his beliefs? If so, then why?

If you think he faked his poisoning, then what do you think had happend? Why he is so oppressed by the Russian government?

Navalny is not oppressed. Oppression implies a systemic, or institutional policy. He is at most targetted, much like a criminal is targetted. Because that is what he is, but he has sold to the “West” (mostly from Western Europe) this idea that he is a freedom fighter because he’s a politician. This narrative has been powered by intelligence agencies that would like to see a comprador Navalny at the helm of Russia. If he was anything but a politician he would not get that much attention. Even the opposition in my country (with our free liberal elections) doesn’t get that much coverage.

As for the three poisonings themselves and what happened there, it’s pretty self-explanatory. He made up the lie, and when he called the “agent”, he actually called a friend with whom he had rehearsed a script.

Are we supposed to believe the Putin government is so incapable that they would mess up a poisoning three times (you’d think after the first or second attempt they would switch methods)? AND that the agent would also blurt out all details to some stranger on the phone without verifying their identity? Yet paradoxically they were competent enough to arrest Navalny without issues, they are competent enough to be a major threat to the USA (or so the USA claims in the media anyway), they are competent enough to deploy their armies in Syria and other countries.

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