While a ceasefire is still in effect, the occupational power of Israel has broadcast threats towards Gaza.

  • The high command of the zionist army has announced that they are preparing to pick up the fight again against Gaza.
  • Meanwhile, the Al-Qassam brigades (military wing of Hamas) have started a recruitment campaign in the north of Gaza. We are told many have answered the call to join the resistance.
  • Finally, yesterday night the occupation flew several small drones (think the kind you buy at the store) in the east of Gaza between midnight and 4AM. While most of the time they are used for aerial recon, Hamas takes them seriously as these drones have also been used in so-called “suicide attacks” against their commanders.

A community for everything related to Palestine and the occupation currently underway by the occupying force known as Israel.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Existence is resistance for Palestinians.

Please refer to Israel as Occupied Palestine, or occupied territories. The IDF is a fascist and ethnonationalist occupying force. Israelis are settlers. We understand however that the imperial narrative (which tries to legitimise Israel) is internalised in the imperial core and slip-ups are naturally expected.

We always take the sides of Palestine and Palestinians and are unapologetic about it. Israel is an occupying power whose “defence force”'s (note the contradiction) sole purpose for existing is to push Palestinians out so they can resettle their rightful land. If you have anything positive to say about Israel we do not care.

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