We need to cut the heads of the imperialists first before we start building our puppy hospitals


I am completely lost as to what this comic is trying convey.

Communists and fascists are the same? I don’t think so because in the comic they seem to have different objectives. But also communists are aware that they are polar opposite of fascists. So no communist is under the delusion that they should seek an alliance with fascists. So what the hell is this shit?

Note the hammer and sickle pin… Salamander is a cringy “artist” (that style is absolutely nauseating) and some sort of reformist? They probably think of themselves as a woke anarchist.

Their one good comic was the one about nationalism (though even then that’s debatable):

And then nothing after that as they turned to bashing the strawman tankies – which is nothing new btw, Stalin talked about it in 1905.

Honestly we have nothing to fear from anarchists as long as they think this is what tankies are lmao. And yes, also nothing to fear in general. Usually when I represent myself as a marxist-leninist and explain my positions without praising Stalin, which is what they look for in tankies, they have no fucking idea and think I’m their friend. Say stuff like “The USSR made mistakes, of course, but it was the first large-scale experiment and it’s incredible what else they achieved”, or talk about marxist stuff without talking about marxism. I usually steer clear off the DPRK, they are not ready to understand democratic centralism (the disbelief in an anarchist’s voice when I talked about democratic centralism in the DPRK, his reaction blew the words right out my mouth).

They would rather be on the safe side of history than the right side.

Papa Joe Did Nothing Wrong

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