Wikipedia is astroturfed as fuck, and I tried to compile all the instances in the prolewiki article for it. Grayzone is only banned because they exposed wikipedia’s ties to imperialist ventures and called out the wikimedia foundation. But looking at your picture I can’t help but laugh when they say that the “editors” (sockpuppet accounts and 90% white men, by choice) found RFA to not have sufficient “government co-option” to forbid its use, despite RFA being created and funded by the CIA.

Even their software is really difficult to use and feels stuck 15 years ago. They want it to be as difficult as possible so that new editors don’t join, and people who have been here literally since wikipedia was founded can keep their power over the rest of the editors. Ultimately wikipedia pushes the white, cis male, NATO (NA/Europe) point of view: white countries good, non-white countries bad, let’s bomb them. They push women and non-white people out with exhausting bureaucracy. But deeper than that, the people that make the most edits are hired by governments to do them. There’s a user in the UK who edits wikipedia 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, without weekends or holidays. There was famously the ICE agent who claimed the most edits on Wikipedia (and before ICE he worked as border patrol).

I personally installed a plugin (Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results) that filters websites from my google results and I use it for wikipedia. Well, I got it to remove pinterest results first lol, but it works on wikipedia too.

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