This is a very small channel that is simulating a conflict (excepted to grow up to a full war) between China and the USA over the Spratly Islands.

First episode was released about 10 days ago, which showed the first day of the war. As of yet we are still waiting for day 2.

The scenario pits two players against each other, and I think it’s of interest because of the detail he goes into when describing weapons, aircraft, and even the rules of engagement. Notably the conflict starts with only air-to-air engagement allowed, but expect that to evolve as the series goes on.


I’ll put my opinion in the comments so people can reply to it. First I think this simulation lacks a dialectical approach; both sides are already “warmongers with no regards for human life” at the start. In real life this would be a very reasoned decision – wars are dialectical, and mount up in intensity as they go on (Clausewitz). In the early stages, such as the first day shown here, we can expect that both sides would not want to get their units blown up, so as to use them again later. They will also not want to commit the whole of their forces at the start, unless there is a need to.

I sincerely hope the author doesn’t move into imperialist apologia as time goes on, because so far he’s been very fair to both sides. Of course we realise the imperialist nature of the US regime and understand they have no business in the South China Sea, but I lower my expectations and take it for what it is.

But overall, once again, I must stress the detail the author goes into. Really makes you understand all the variables that go into warfare and what kind of equipment a modern army needs. Really makes you think about the scale of it too.

I might check out the simulator he used (Command: Modern operations) and see what we can do with it. Though it feels like a headache to learn lol.

The Zhukov Academy for Military Theory

    Welcome to the Zhukov Academy, comrade. Here we post material of all kinds related to military theory of any kind. If your soviet ever starts a revolution, or if you declare a protracted people’s war, then this is a place you’ll want in your arsenal – preferably before the revolution starts.

    All sorts of works are allowed as long as they come from a reputable source, meaning people who have a career in the military or have led a revolution. Otherwise you are free to also ask questions about military theory freely.

    When submitting a work, please link to a freely-accessible copy – so either a pdf or html pages, so that everyone can read it. Although not required, please also include a text post explaining why you recommend this book or why it’s important. It will encourage people to read it and help them know what to expect.

    We also allow works from the enemy (imperialists), as it is important to understand how their military works today. For example, an article about how the USA gets its ass kicked in simulations is absolutely welcome here. Just as long as it has to do with military theory.

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