Well at least those people got their first dose I suppose. 1 dose alone dose a lot for developing immunity, at least in the Pfizer vaccine. I wish that anti-vaxxers would just admit that they just don’t want to get it because they are scared/don’t like needles.

In the trials for the Pfizer vaccine a similar thing happened with people refusing their second dose compared to their first dose. Assuming I’m interpreting this correctly, 100 participants ended up not taking their first dose, while just over 600 didn’t take their second dose, 6x larger.


i wonder what’s gonna happen when the immunity of these vaccines runs out in a year and people don’t line up to take booster shoots out of laziness/being busy etc.

most people don’t take flu vaccines every year and i’m sure that percentage would be even lower outside the first world.

We don’t know if the immunity of the vaccines will run out though.


Yes that would be cool and would prolly depend on vaccine but Pfizer execs atleast have been discussing third shots and booster shots.


Kinda wish the Government nationalized all these vaccine producers so people don’t feel like they just tryna make more money. But in capitalist shithole that is U.S it’s not gonna happen.

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