The End of AMP
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The End of AMP
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at last, some good news 🥳🥳

it’s not exactly the end per se, but it’s likely the beginning of its downfall

I fucking hate amp so much.

Good news, indeed. I was taking part in Google’s AMP workshop once and we made an AMP version of our mobile site and it was slower! They were not pleased by our presentation :D We never implemented AMP on the site.

oof 😂

Some good news coming out.

The question is now whether publisher will revert their migrations and stop using AMP, or if they will continue to use it just because they already support it. I guess only few will be the first ones to dare stop supporting AMP before there is significant evidence that non-amp pages are treated fairly.

I’m willing to bet in classic Google fashion, they will be “deprecating” AMP, causing a mad dash to get back off of it.

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Good riddance

Dreeg Ocedam

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