Since there were talks about creating something on blockchain for c/crypto like erc20 token or some poap-like nfts, but there is no decision yet, I decided to make a first step - create a blockchain register where community members could record their addresses to be eligible to get something that we will come up with in future :)

This register is on Rinkeby test network, if you need some Rinkeby ETH to play with go here or here or dm me. And of course you need Metamask installed.

The general rule of the register is “first come, first served”

general purpose : to give people a chance to touch/play with blockchain in a safe environment.

hope it will be a kind of icebreaker and will help us to move to the next stage and create something cool together.

Feel free to share your ideas what we can do next, proposals, questions etc

❗️SMART CONTRACT IS ON RINKEBY TESTNET, ie do not require mainmet ETH to interact with.

upd added auto network switch to Rinkeby Test Network

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