Encrypt your files with this open source software

Many years ago, there was encryption software called TrueCrypt. Its source code was available, although there were no major claims that anyone had ever audited or contributed to it. Its author was (and remains to this day) anonymous. Still, it was cross-platform, easy to use, and really, really useful.

TrueCrypt eventually closed down, but a replacement project called VeraCrypt quickly sprang up to fill the void. VeraCrypt is based on TrueCrypt 7.1a and features many improvements over the original (including significant algorithm changes for standard encrypted volumes and boot volumes). With VeraCrypt 1.12 and later versions, you can use custom iterations for increased encryption security. Better yet, VeraCrypt can load old TrueCrypt volumes, so if you were a TrueCrypt user, it’s easy to transfer them over to VeraCrypt.

Back in the day when we had clients or officials travelling overseas into the then ‘Communist’ countries I’d recommend they use Truecrypt on a USB key to protect their data. Today we have VeraCrypt, wihich is a big improvement for the reasons stated in the article below. It is a cross-platform product that will work on most storage mediums and provide security and privacy.

The article below gives an overview of how to get going but I don’t think it covered the hidden volume feature which is amazing, and helps if you are forced to give up a password.

See https://opensource.com/article/21/4/open-source-encryption

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