I find it kinda weird how Wolff says “there is not one socialism, but socialisms” and later entirely contradicts himself by arguing China and USSR were “state capitalists” and not socialist.

He was influential in my initial interest in Marxism, but damn what a weird take lmao

Link to the lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uwj4tBuCmY


IMO people like him are only good for shitting on USA and western capitalism. When it comes to answers to the questions posed by capitalist contradictions you get nothing.


Wolff is a strange one. Half the time I think he wants the USSR but with coops, and half the time the US but with coops. IIRC Wolff had a debate with Paul Krugman where Wolff said that Bernie Sanders was a socialist and Krugman was like lol no.

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