reposts are bad, bla bla bla

but if almost nobody saw it before, or new people saw the repost for the first time, is it really a bad thing?

i see many reposts in communities, but both the [oc] and the [repost] do get many upvotes, which means that there are definitely some people who missed the post before; the question is: should reposts be allowed within a smaller time frame (if at all), and whether it’s worth the sacrifice of the imaginable property of q u a l i t y of content

i’m interested to hear what you think


The no spam rule hopefully covers most of the egregious reposts seen on other sites. It’s difficult to formulate a rule that captures the spirit of “I know a bad repost when I see it”, so something relatively permissive seems reasonable to account the nobody saw it case.

IMHO redditors are way too concerned with reposts. I can understand if it’s something that’s just been posted, or posted maybe within a few weeks to a month. If it’s been off the front page that long then it’s fair game, I’d say.

Upvote points are literally nothing. My problem with recent reposts is it’s something I’ve already seen.

If topic is the talk of the town, 3 days. Less important than that, 7 days. Obscure topic, 14 days.

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