you're not dressed according to the current fashion

[down left corner]

He should ideally be working or studying,

But he wastes the time showing off his clothes.

For a narrow mind

The limit of imagination and dreams is a "brand".

He should ideally be working or studying,

That sounds like something my dad would say. Not very convincing.

I remember recently reading a headline about Chinese youth getting disillusioned by American media. I feel this approach would be a lot more resilient.

this is a soviet poster lol

they did have a fucked up work culture in many ways, and this is not intended as a modern piece of art to discourage consumption, brand loyalty etc, i only posted it for it’s historical significance :)

Yeah I understand. I just wanted to say that it is not a good way to dispell the propaganda of capitalist countries as a bottomless well of cool things.

Ignoring the quality of the poster or the message, rhyming ума with фирма is just an increadible example of soviet public comitee levels of creativity and capabilities. Great piece of history though. A very thin sliver of time when western fashion brands and such posters coincided.



It’s really cool to see a historic piece of propaganda that pushes in the opposite direction of US brand consumerism.

Seen through a contemporary feminist lens the message feels a little weird to me as it has some implications of telling women how to dress. I’ve had a boss tell the office that women need to stop wearing “such bright colored” clothing because it’s distracting. American school systems have dress code that often force traditional and conservative values of how women should dress and remain “modest”.

That makes me think about what a feminist and anti-capitalist fashion culture and industry would look like. The extreme of so called “fast fashion” that creates so much waste isn’t the answer, but I also don’t think conservative prescriptive fashion is great either. I sort of currently have a lifestyle that is dressing in the refuse garments of other consumers, and that obviously also wouldn’t be sustainable without the whole capitalist fashion industry as it is. IDK, what the answer is.

This piece does make me think a lot about how contemporary anti-consumerist propaganda can appeal to the dreams of women freely choosing their fashion away from both the patriarchs and the capitalists. 🤔

Seen through a contemporary feminist lens the message feels a little weird to me as it has some implications of telling women how to dress.

sure, but I don’t think that was the intention at the time

the woman in the pic is presented in the positive light compared to the guy, even though she has a lamentable-ish expression for some reason…

Yeah, I can’t speak to the cultural impacts at the time. It just brought up some of those feelings that I have from living in my cultural concept, and made me think a lot about what a liberated fashion even is.

I def think it’s a cool piece of historic artwork/propaganda. It made me think about a lot of things critically which is what great art does ☺


I get the message, sadly true

Yeah, seems it is late soviet period ca 80s. Personally don’t like particularly this drawing style.

I much prefer their Propo posters from the 30s to the 50s

Yep, meek women dressed in high heels is keeping it real.

As someone who lives in Russia and is a son to Soviet parents, I hate the preachiness of this poster. USSR have raised generations of narrow-minded people who would tell everyone else how they should live. As much as I hate consumerism, this isn’t the way to effectively combat it.


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