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The following are legal where I live but should not be:

  1. Firing employees for any reason, or without a reason, without notice and at any time.
  2. Forcing employees to work any number of hours or days without breaks or days off
  3. Working employees 31 hours weekly so you don’t have to provide benefits to them
  4. Being a health insurance company
  5. Marrying as young as 13, with parental consent (gross)
  6. Holocaust denial
  7. Being a nazi

EDIT: I noticed a downvote. Which of these things should be legal?

EDIT: I noticed a downvote.

what’s funny to me is that the post has a downvote. a lot of posts on ! have one downvote. i’m imagining this cranky killjoy downvoting everything they see for no reason and it’s really funny to me

Forcing employees to work any number of hours

Full stop. What is the point of all this automation if it doesn’t make our lives better? 40 hours 5 days a week is no way to live life.

how do you tell if someone is a nazi though. it’s just a label. what do you call a pro-ccp person then? I assure you the amount of people which will hail anything for bullshit semi-selfish reasons never goes weak.

When I say “nazi” I don’t mean “person I disagree with,” which ironically seems to be your defintion. Nazis belong to a very specific extreme right-wing ideology. Why are you here instead of making Winnie the Pooh memes on Reddit, though?

genocide is not tied only to right-wing ideologies. also, I am not on reddit because it’s pro-ccp. I’m sorry you are disappointed with the lack of memes.

Lmao, go drink some more koolaid

excuse me?

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300m investment, half the funding came form tencent until February 2020. I put down a link which says that, BTW.

Didn’t downvote you, but 1. seemed odd. Are you saying that if somebody hires somebody, they cannot get rid of that person no matter how they behave and work? Perhaps I didn’t understand the phrasing correctly — perhaps the stress was on “without notice”.

Others are more or less agreeable, although possibly hard to enforce.

Other developed countries handle this fine. If someone is shit, you put them on a performance improvement plan, a formal step that shows the company is trying everything they can to up your performance and that also provides notice to the employee that they aren’t doing good enough. After a series of meetings over a period of time if the employee isn’t improving and the company can show they tried to bring them up to scratch then the employee can be let go. If you need to drop staff due to being overstaffed there are processes for this as well.

This is far different than the current US situation, where you can lose your job today because your boss doesn’t like your shoes.

Or if you’re a type of person they don’t like. “We didn’t fire him because he was black, we fired him for no reason at all, so it’s perfectly legal!”

Please read it again. They can FIRE you for any reason or without a reason, without notice. You can get fired here just because the boss doesn’t like you on a personal level, and it’s perfectly legal.

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i beg to differ, guns help to prevent dictatorships and being forcibly occupied by one.

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google has the same thing if your into that


ahhh yes the dictatorship of a new dictartor every 4 years. in duckduckgo theres a feature to get a defination. type “define dictatorship” and see the difference between dictatorship and democracy.

the US isnt a democracy elections are decided by superPACs and 43 presidents have had european royal anscestry. its the exact same power structure, rich landowning fucks at the top. they literally dictate everything, as an oligarchy

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If you go far enough left, you get your guns back.

Sorry, I destroyed them when arrived.

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Online casino advertisement and fake wins on social media like Twitch TV. Also similar issue; video game loot boxes.

Promoting alcohol without health statements similar to tobacco.

Audible to strangers loud speakers, vehicle boomboxes and other noise.

Non-free software required to do mandatory tasks with city, government, bank and that kind of stuff.

Hunting for sport.


Why not casino itself in every sense?

capitalist exploitation of the working class

Advocacy and sale of alternative “medicine”, COVID-19 denial, anti-vaccination, etc.

Call it censorship if you want, but these things can kill people and should absolutely be censored.

So let me get this straight just because these things “sometimes” kill people you should be censored and denied your God given right to choose what best for yourself and be forced into doing and taking things you don’t believe in, and please don’t give me it’s for the greater good crap cause it ain’t true, and I would like to point out that your supporting censorship on a platform that is AGAINST censorship why because not everybody wants to get a vaccine or everybody doesn’t want to or can’t afford to go to a hospital and your also saying that certain things should be censored because they don’t line up with what the majority/governments thinks is right? Or what you think is right for everybody?

i think you got my point so please stop supporting censorship and forcing things onto people because “its for the greater good” or for any other reason because denying people there basic human rights is NOT ok and needs to be stopped no matter what views you may have or whose side your on.


I don’t think anti-vaccination should be forbidden.

Everything which violates physical integrity of a person, even if its for the “general good” should not be forced and different measures should be taken into account.

I mean, should be something voluntary.

Other thing is that you speak about the lies and myths in most people around it.

Everything which violates physical integrity of a person, even if its for the “general good” should not be forced and different measures should be taken into account.

Except there is no real alternative to vaccination. It’s the best way we have to prevent disease outbreaks, and the concept of herd immunity, where people who can’t be vaccinated are still protected (infants and the elderly, those who are allergic, organ transplant recipients, HIV/AIDS sufferers, people with other immune system problems) necessarily require that everyone who can be vaccinated is vaccinated. That combined with the fact that vaccines do not provide 100% protection for any individual person, by not vaccinating, you put everyone around you at risk of potentially deadly diseases, which, if you’re talking about violating the physical integrity of people, is a pretty egregious example IMO.

If there is no viable replacement in the alternatives it is our duty to look for one or improve the current ones.

Setting the most efficient just because of that is just utilitarianism.

Aaaaaah, okay is more about the myths and people who deny benefits in a conspiracy sense.

yes. monopolised medicine is the future.


Alternative medicine is “medicine” that has no scientific basis (translation: they’re bullshit). Like homeopathy or healing crystals. How is being against that in support of monopolized medicine?

my answer is flexner report.


not kissing every kitty you see on the forehead. It should be punishable by death.

Method of death: licked to death by said kitties.

Honestly I agree

I don’t personally have an opinion on this but some Chicagoans have very strong opinions one way or the other:

“Dibs” refers to the practice of holding a shoveled-out parking space after a heavy snowfall by putting chairs, laundry baskets, or other items in the street to mark the claimed space.


They were doing this in South Boston as least as recently as 10 years ago, probably still are. As someone who wasn’t parking, it was hilarious to see.

Non-human slavery.

Knowingly lying, especially in combination of attempts to gain high power. Although I realize how difficult this would be to enforce.

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