"Time fraud"

say productivity

“Time fraud” sounds like a bs crime in a sci-fi dystopia.


Totally see that being in a Philip K Dick novel.


“50 hours of payroll lost”

only for the boss, labour laws demand the boss pays the employee for all of their time while punched in, regardless of if they did any work. This really just reads to me as a fed-up bourgie pig complaining that his workers don’t want to be drones while they’re on the clock. If I worked there, I’d quit the moment I saw that.

I’ve seen this image before and the concept is quite ludicrous to me, people ought to be more angered by this kind of thing! They strip your value from you, and then have the audacity to demand that you work every second of the time you don’t even make your pay for with absolute effort.


I agree with you I am disgusted by this too, my college rolled out a similar thing where we no longer have any free lessons to study and do what we like in and we have to be constantly doing homework and assignment work unless we are on lunch or break. Needless to say I am not following that rule. The fact they label it fraud though is one step further, implying they own you when you are on the clock, I always wonder who comes up with these zero tolerance rules and how they live with themselves

Basically, stop living when you’re working for us.

By the way, studies have shown things like this decrease overall productivity because get this, humans aren’t single-tasking robots. So even in a capitalist environment it’s counterproductive.

In most countries with social safety nets people would see this and the company would have trouble retaining staff. In emerging economies where people have stronger cultures and community connections, they would see this and ignore it or laugh. In anglo-saxon countries like America and the UK where social safety nets are not strong and culture and community is shallow, this holds traction.


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