Just wondering as I really love Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it’s pretty much the reason why I’m still a Star Wars fan. I remember going through a brief phase where I was done with the series due to the fanbase but then the show came out and I really enjoyed it. It also got me interested in the Star Wars Underworld TV series that never saw the light of day, unfortunately. Star Wars Rebels by Disney was pretty bad, ngl. When I first heard of it, I hated it. And now I’m still hating it. But The Bad Batch honestly seems like a great series from the trailer that was shown and from the information that we can glean from it, never mind the leaked information that has come out so far.

After The Mandalorian, I’m up for more TCW animation style and a Clone rebellion so let’s have some of it!

For everything Star Wars. Discussion, Memes, Art. These are the droids you’re looking for.

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