It’s a story of a certain type of capitalism If you want to learn more, check out this article from the WEF https://bit.ly/39s92kl or for a deeper dive, the…

Note for the part at 9:04, “middle and lower class in the west” definitely dont make up 30% of the world population. Otherwise a very interesting video.

Edit: Oops the ending is very liberal.


“middle and lower class in the west” definitely dont make up 30% of the world population

Since middle class is not clearly defined people say whatever comes to their mind about them. Starbucks CEO was talking about how in India there are 600 million middle class people that are their potential customers. Meanwhile a cup of coffee there costs about ₹400. For contrast, if you have the capacity to spend ₹200 everyday, and this includes housing, food and healthcare, you would belong to the top 5% in India. When people talk of middle class in apparently concrete terms it’s a dead giveaway they are liberals lol


Even if we ignore the part about middle class, there are about 700 million people in Europe, 300 million in the USA, and maybe a few hundred million more in other Anglo settler colonies. With a world population of 8 billion, 30% is about 2.6 billion, and the number is clearly far off from that (not even half).

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